Join the Cause!

It’s never been more important to take action in support of Conservative values on the local, state and federal level. Here are ways you can help:

-Outreach: It doesn’t work for us to only talk to each other about what needs to be done.  We, as Calaveras Republicans need to become more visible in our community.  We also need to let non-Republicans know where we stand on values and issues. 

-Communication: whether it's public relations, social media, or email, we need people to share our events and Facebook posts to other pages and bulletin boards. We also need people to share flyers and pamphlets both in hardcopy and via email. You have the power to make the Republican message spread to people who maybe have never heard about our group.

-Come to meetings and be informed, so you can share with your neighbors and friends.

-DONATE!  Maybe you volunteer already but would like to help more...Your donation goes a long way in the fight for liberty.  Maybe you don't have time to volunteer or maybe you are a caregiver for someone you love, or maybe you are unable to physically help yourself but would like to help...A donation is a wonderful way to help!  Your donation gives us the tools to do the work.

-Door to Door and Person to Person: talking face-to-face with your friends and neighbors.  One of the most effective ways to get results is to actually talk to people one on one.  We can provide plans and training— but we need you!

To volunteer, please email 

Please give your name and phone number, and let us know what ways you would like to help! And come to our next meeting and talk to us about ways that we can work together! We look forward to meeting you!